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Dr. Joseph Ellis, Wingate University Political Science professor

Work with faculty on research projects with real-world implications.

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Burris building at Wingate University

Experience international governments while studying abroad with the W'International program.

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Political Science Degree Program

Charles A. Cannon College of Arts and Sciences

The mission of the Political Science degree program is to prepare students for lives of engaged citizenship, whether in public service, the legal profession, education, social science, and/or civic leadership.  We do this by educating students in the fundamentals of politics in the United States and around the world, as well as the enduring ideas of political philosophy. We seek to graduate students with the theoretical knowledge and practical experiences they need to make a difference in their communities and the world.

WU Poli Sci felt like a family to me. I was able to make close connections with my professors and classmates, which made me feel like my presence in class was meaningful. It also granted me access to opportunities that I wouldn’t have had in a larger major, like participating in academic conferences and working 1:1 with professors. Those connections contributed directly to my success after graduation. I have since completed my Master’s in Public Administration at the University of Pittsburgh and am now working as a fundraising consultant from Pittsburgh. I also completed a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Brazil in 2020.  


Theoretical Knowledge.

Practical Experiences.

Become a Difference-Maker.

My two years at Wingate were fantastic. As a political science major, my professors taught me the necessary skills needed to navigate not only my professional life, but also taught me a lifelong passion for the material that I still seek today. I discovered an interest in political periods and historical periods that have helped me understand the world today. The History and Political Science Dept, gave the skills to get into a graduate history program which culminated in a position in the non-profit sector. Furthermore, the friendships I built with my peers are special and the relationships I built with my former professors are some of my most cherished, both academically and personally!