My experience

At Wingate, the chemistry professors do more than simply teach students; they mentor you and invest their time and energy to make your undergraduate experience personal and invaluable. My relationships with my professors allowed me to succeed academically and discover my passion for research. Wingate’s chemistry faculty aid in student learning by always answering questions and encouraging students to think critically. The chemistry research class gives all chemistry students the opportunity to conduct a research project with the guidance of a faculty member. This gives students a glimpse into what being a chemist is really like. In addition to research, my professors supported my educational growth by helping me obtain outside internships and applying to graduate school. Without the chemistry department’s personal attention to each student, I would not be where I am today.”

Caroline Rumley, Class of 2020, recipient of the Frederick N. Andrews Fellowship at Purdue University, where she is pursuing her Ph.D.  

Pre-Professional Programs


A variety of undergraduate programs prepare students for further study and professional careers. Recommended majors for each program are listed below:

Pre-Dentistry Any major (science recommended)
Pre-Law Liberal Arts major/Legal Studies minor
Pre-Medical Any major (science recommended)
Pre-Ministerial Major in Religious Studies
Pre-Nursing Major in Nursing
Pre-Pharmacy Major in Sciences
Pre-Physical Therapy Major in Exercise Science (pre-prof. track) or Sciences
Pre-Physician Assistant Studies Major in Sciences
Pre-Veterinary medicine Any major (science recommended)

My experience

Brooke Duggins

"My favorite professor at Wingate was Dr. Alison Brown because her office door was always open to talk about class or just life in general. She consistently supported my goals and prepared me to get into medical school while pushing me towards my best. I’m thankful for Wingate's caring professors who take time to know each of their students."

Brooke Duggins, 2020 Honors Program grad pursuing her medical degree at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine