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Haven't decided your major?

Not sure what you want to major in? That’s okay. Being "undeclared" isn’t a bad thing, it's part of the process of discovering who you are and who you will become. 

College is about finding out who you are. Deciding what to study in college is part of that discovery. So during this time, here’s a plan for you to follow until you do decide what to major in. Keep in mind this general plan that doesn’t account for your next four years, only the first three.  

Browse the list of majors to learn about the ones we offer. When you need help narrowing your choice, these pages help you decide on one that’s right for you:

  • During your first year, you’ll have an academic adviser until you declare a major. Your coach meets with you on a regular basis and can help you decide what to study in college.
  • All Wingate University students take six GPS Curriculum courses designed to prepare them for our culturally diverse world. These six courses provide a firm foundation of critical thinking and writing. These skills are valuable no matter what major you choose.
  • You must be honest with yourself about what you like when deciding on a major. How to Choose a Major offers tips for choosing a major that’s right for you.

Here to help you find your path

The Office of Academic Advising is your go-to source for everything you need to know about choosing courses, staying on track for graduation and declaring a major

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The Office of Career Services assists students with choosing a career, securing internships, preparing a resume or for an interview.

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Success Coaches work with students to create and cultivate an individualized plan for navigating their first year of the college experience.

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