Health Sciences

Late last year, healthcare surpassed manufacturing and retail to become the largest source of jobs in the United States. At Wingate, we were ready. Our variety of professional programs join pure science with practical, clinical care so that you can put your knowledge to work improving the well-being of others. We’ve also designed our undergrad science curricula with distinct pathways to get you to your passion faster.

Social Sciences

How we think, behave and relate to one another makes society work or prevents it from working. Understanding cultural context and exploring ways to help make life better for individuals and the larger community are two of many challenges facing those in the social sciences. That’s why hands-on learning and research are hallmarks of Wingate’s criminal justice, human services, psychology and sociology programs.

Sport Sciences

Whether your goal is to guide the young, create a lifelong passion for an active lifestyle or work with a professional sports organization, you can begin your journey in Wingate’s School of Sport Sciences. Courses that delve into sport law and education theory and exposure to the latest sports research help prepare our students, as do hands-on experiences with teams from prep level to pro.


Competitive? Yes. Collaborative? Definitely. But creative? Absolutely. Students in Wingate’s Porter B. Byrum School of Business get a broad understanding of what it takes to survive in an ever-changing marketplace. Whether pursuing one of our five undergraduate business degrees or working on a capstone project in our master’s programs, our students put their own passions in the foreground and refuse to be satisfied with business as usual.


It is true that teachers touch the future, but at Wingate, they can start having an impact in the present. Our teacher education majors begin field experiences in K-12 settings during the first half of their freshmen year and continue each semester to engage in hands-on learning that integrates theory and practice. The Thayer School of Education offers 11 undergraduate majors in addition to master’s and doctorate programs tailored especially for working adults.

Arts & Sciences

From American government to zoology, the diatonic scale to scalene triangles, the poems of Robert Frost to the thawing of permafrost — there’s a lot to study in the arts and sciences at Wingate. No matter your major, our Global Perspectives (GPS) core curriculum will help you learn to think critically, understand global cultures and write and speak clearly. With GPS, you can set your own course.


96 percent of first-year students say Wingate’s academic reputation was an important reason that they became a Bulldog. But what starts in the classroom doesn’t stay in the classroom thanks to our commitment to seamless learning and transformative student experiences.

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In the School of Business, our focus is on creating a vibrant learning atmosphere that translates into relevant job opportunities for students upon graduation.

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Athletic Training

Wingate University’s program is rigorous. It’s also highly competitive. This keeps our student-to-faculty ratio low, so you work more closely with professors and clinical preceptors.


Through comprehensive coursework and hands-on laboratory experiences, biology students begin with the fundamentals, from what you can see (organisimal biology) to what you can’t (cellular and molecular biology). Our pilot Biology Intensive Orientation Seminar (BIOS program) serves as a first-year orientation to what lies ahead, providing the skills you’ll need to obtain your degree.

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Many students have found that a chemistry major from Wingate University is the right prescription to prepare them to become pharmacists. The major can prepare you for other careers in chemistry too.

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Chemistry and Business

The chemistry-business major offers you two different ways to reach your goal. Thirty-one hours will give you a solid foundation in chemistry. You then combine this by taking one of two tracks:

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At Wingate University, communication majors build a solid foundation by taking courses that help them sharpen their public speaking and mass, interpersonal and group communication skills. They prepare for careers in many forms of media, including TV, radio and the Internet. If you want a career where top-notch communication skills are an absolute must, this is the program you need.

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Community and Commercial Recreation

Wingate University community and commercial recreation majors are active. In the classroom, they spend time learning the theory and practice that goes into producing quality recreational programs, while they’re also engaged in numerous hands-on experiential learning opportunities on and off campus.

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Criminal Justice

Criminal justice can be an active field, which is why Wingate University offers a hands-on learning environment. In fact, to earn your degree you’re required to complete an internship (SIDE BAR OR POP UP CONTENT SEE BELOW) worth four credit hours. 

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Educational Studies

The Educational Studies major is non-licensure interdisciplinary major with an emphasis on educational foundations and liberal arts.  It offers students an opportunity to pursue interests and careers related to education, but not necessarily K-12 teaching. Students have the option to take interdisciplinary coursework related to one of several concentrations (Humanities, Language and Literacy, Mathematics and Science),  

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As an English major, you learn to think critically while honing your analytical abilities and polishing your communication skills. You have the chance to work with faculty on research or as their assistants.

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Environmental Biology

Wingate University’s broad-based environmental biology major prepares students for professional work or graduate study in a wide range of disciplines including zoology, plant biology, wildlife ecology, field botany and animal behavior. Lab and field work supplement your classroom time, so you acquire the fundamental skills you need for your career.

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Exercise Science

The exercise science program at Wingate equips you with the fundamental knowledge and the practical skills you need for a career in the fitness profession.

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The finance major concentrates on three areas:

  • Accounting: Understand what financial statements mean for people and businesses.
  • Economics: Explore the economic factors that affect individuals, companies and countries.
  • Finance: Learn about financial decision making, corporate fundraising and investment strategies.

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Health and Physical Education Grades K-12

Our courses take you beyond theory and into the classroom and onto the playing field. Your coursework prepares you to:

  • Acquire scientific and theoretical concepts to teach physical education
  • Teach fundamental motor skills
  • Teach nutrition and how to prevent obesity
  • Develop skills and competencies in multiple sport and leisure activities

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of eligible juniors study abroad via W’International

Our signature low-cost travel program couples a semester-long seminar with a 10-day overseas excursion. In the past five years alone, Wingate students have studied in 37 different countries.

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peer tutors to help students succeed

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of seniors responding to NSSE survey say their time at Wingate helped them think more critically

More than 4 out of 5 seniors say Wingate helped them work more effectively with others and speak and write more clearly. Seniors also gave WU high National Survey of Student Engagement ratings on collaborative learning, discussions with diverse others and student-faculty interaction.