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Admissions & Aid

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The Enrollment Management Team works to find the right financial aid solution for you. Grant, scholarship, student loan, and work-study opportunities help make a Wingate University education affordable. Please contact your enrollment officer if you have any questions. Together, we’ll help find a way for you to become a Bulldog.

Enrolling NOW for 2022

To apply for financial aid, you must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, better known as the FAFSA. The FAFSA application is available beginning October 1, and we recommend that you complete it by March 1.

Wingate's code is 002985If you have questions about how to apply for financial aid, you can always contact your enrollment officer at 800-755-5550.


Contact Us

Liz Biggerstaff

Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Office: (704) 233-8368


Maeghan Edwards

Assistant Director, First-Year Admissions
Office: (704) 233-8002

A photo of Robert Gay.

Robert Gay

Enrollment Officer, First-Year Admissions
Office: (704) 233-8369

Valerie Graham

Associate Director, Transfer and Special Admissions
Office: (704) 233-8103

Debbie High

Associate Administrator, Enrollment Management
Office: (704) 233-8370

Darin Hinson

Enrollment Officer, Student Athlete & International Student Admissions
Office: (704) 233-8207

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A picture of Mayra Rosales.

Chelsea Parker

Associate Director, First-Year Admissions
Office: (704) 233-8367

Visit Manager Jessica Teauge

Jessica Teague

Associate Director, Events and Operations
Office: (704) 233-8004



In accordance with federal regulations, we’ve dedicated a Title IX Coordinator responsible for the administration and implementation of Wingate University’s Title IX compliance efforts. If you have Title IX questions, complaints or concerns, please contact:

Title IX Coordinator:
Nancy Horak Randall
Efird Building

Inquiries regarding the application of Title IX may be referred to the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR). The OCR ensures institutions receiving federal funding comply with Title IX regulations.



If you feel you’ve been the victim of sexual harassment, misconduct, assault or violence or sex discrimination, we encourage you to reach out. That goes for students, faculty, staff, visitors and applicants for admission or employment. Federal and state laws prohibit retaliation against individuals who file a complaint in good faith or participate in an investigation involving an alleged Title IX violation.