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College students on campus.

Undergraduate Admissions

We make the application process easy and affordable! 

When you apply, you'll take advantage of these benefits:
No application fee
No essay required
Test score optional (You’re not just a number to us.)
No immediate official transcript required

Knowing you’ll be eager to hear back from us, you can count on a decision within two weeks of submitting your complete application! If admitted, you’ll even find out how much merit scholarship you’ve earned. 

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If you have any questions about the application process or need more information, we're happy to assist. 

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Application Types

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Please send your ACT/SAT/CLT standardized test score report with your application. For the SAT and the ACT, Wingate school code(s) are below:

  • Wingate's SAT score code: 5908
  • Wingate's ACT score code: 3176
  • CLT score code: not needed

Unofficial test scores may be used for the purposes of admission to the University. However, official test scores (if applicable) are required prior to a student enrolling at Wingate.

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High school transcripts can be sent to Wingate University electronically through the following platforms:

  • Naviance (Parchment)
  • Clearinghouse 
  • CFNC 
  • Scoir
  • Scribble

High school students taking college credits must have their college transcript(s) sent to Wingate University. College transcripts can be sent electronically through Clearinghouse and Naviance. Both high school and college transcripts can also be sent via mail to the below address:

Wingate University
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
102 West Wilson Street
Wingate, NC 28174



(704) 233-8200