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Student Account

Understanding Your Billing Statement

Billing statements are generated by the Business Office for each semester that you are enrolled at Wingate. Fall semester statements are published online early/mid June or as class schedules are added thereafter. The due date for the Fall semester is August 1st. Spring semester statements are published online in early December with a January 1st due date. Online statements are updated weekly at under the "Finances" tab. You will need your Wingate University username and password to log on to Remember, you are responsible for monitoring your billing account and paying any outstanding balance by the due date. The following is an explanation of the terms that may appear on your statement:

General Student Account Information

Credit Balances & Refunds

Once anticipated funds are received/disbursed, your billing statement will no longer list “Anticipated Aid” and your financial aid will be reflected as “Credits”. Financial aid funds will be credited to your student account each semester and the Business Office will automatically deduct your institutional charges. If your total financial aid funds exceed your account charges, the Business Office will issue you a refund check for the remaining credit balance. Refunds are issued approximately 14 days after the credit balance is created on your account. Students are encouraged to enroll in the eRefund option for refunds to be direct deposited.** Enrollment is to be completed in WinLink in the "Make a Payment" section, prior to the beginning of the semester.

For Adult Bachelor Degree and MASM students, financial aid funds are disbursed to the Business Office at the start of Session II for each term. Refunds, if applicable, will not be available until after the start of Session II.

If you are expecting a credit balance (balance due to you), you have the following options:

  1. Request a refund for the credit balance by completing a Refund Request Form.
  2. Request to have the funds held on your account for a future semester by completing a Refund Request Form.
  3. Request a voucher code for use in the WU Online Bookstore by completing an Online Bookstore Voucher Request.
  4. Student refunds can be issued by direct deposit. Sign up for E-Refunds on Winklink at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester (**e-Refunds are not available if the student account includes a Parent PLUS Loan.)

Please note: You should complete a Refund Request Form or Bookstore Voucher Request prior to the start of each term. If a refund request form is not on file, the Business Office will hold your refund for pick-up at the Wingate Campus.  

Note: eRefunds post to the student bank account approximately 3-5 days after the Business Office finalizes the refund process.


Title IV Authorization

All students are required to complete the Title IV Authorization Form to inform the University on how to apply their Title IV funds. Students who do not receive Title IV funds are asked to complete the form as they would if they were receiving Title IV funds. Undergraduate students can find the link to the form in their clearance checklist. Graduate students will be emailed the link directly from their department.
Here's a quick description of what would happen based on which option you choose:

  1. You choose to authorize: Your financial aid will be used to cover any outstanding charges, qualifying and non-qualifying, that you owe Wingate. This will include minor prior year charges, as allowed by federal regulations.. After covering the outstanding balance, you would receive a refund check for any remaining credit balance.
  2. You choose not to authorize: Your financial aid will only cover your "qualified charges," such as tuition and room & board. A refund check will be issued to you for any remaining credit balance, but you will owe Wingate for any miscellaneous charges (insurance, music fees, infirmary fees, fines, etc.), if applicable. Statements are updated weekly online at and would reflect any outstanding balance.

Questions about your bill?


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