Welcome to Wingate, Incoming Class of 2021!

Wingate University’s Orientation Program is a comprehensive collection of support and information we provide for incoming students from the time they deposit through their first semester. It is specially designed to make new students feel welcome and at home with our university, and to help them get off to a great beginning to a successful college career at Wingate University.

Through a variety of personalized technologies and on-campus experiences, we provide on-demand responsive support for students and their families. 

Key components of our 2021 Orientation include:

  • Special on-campus small group orientation tours
  • Live webinars and virtual orientation events
  • Personalized "New Student Portal" 
  • Online orientation class called “Wingate 101” 
  • Orientation leader programming providing virtual and in person interactions with new students throughout June and July.
  • On-Campus orientation activities in the days before the semester begins

If you have sent in your deposit, you should have received an email from us inviting you to set up your Wingate email account. Please do that as soon as possible and remember to check your Wingate email at least every week. We will be sending all important university information to that account. To see a complete timeline of key dates for orientation, click here.