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Mentors are undergraduate students at Wingate University who identify or empathize with students who are historically underrepresented in higher education. Mentors provide academic support and guidance to small groups of scholars. Program directors provide mentors with training to implement the Wayfind curriculum. The directors also organize social and team-building activities for mentors. 

To become a Wayfind mentor, Wingate students should have a minimum GPA of 3.0, submit two letters of recommendation from a faculty member or supervisor, and successfully complete an interview with program directors. 

The Mentor Application will reopen January 2023.


Majoring in Exercise Science, Pre-Physical Therapy Track

It is a great opportunity to do a great thing.

Majoring in Elementary Education

The Wayfind Program is a wonderful opportunity for prospective college students to get more insight about the process of applying for college and what is needed. The program is life changing for Union County students, and I am honored to be apart of multiple lives in Wayfind!

Majoring in Psychology

This program is a great opportunity for you to learn more about college and help you prepare for your future.

Majoring in Psychology

No matter where you come from, let us help you achieve the impossible. Wayfind will always be there to encourage you and prepare you for a successful future.

Majoring in Biology

Mentors are here to focus on all aspects of YOU; we're a big family and are excited to support you as you grow into your full potential!

Majoring in History Education

Wayfind is a great opportunity to gain the skills and resources to help you in school both high school and college.

Majoring in Psychology

Being apart of Wayfind will allow you to make a connection that will last beyond just mentoring. You are able to have support and guidance throughout high school, that will help you further in life.



Dr. Abby Holland