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Wingate Forward

Wingate Forward is a living, learning, exploring, and working program which enables persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities to have a Wingate University college experience, leading to independence, autonomy, self-worth and meaningful lifelong employment. Wingate Forward students work toward earning a two-year certificate and will take part in inclusive classes, live on campus and participate in the full sweep of student life, in other words, they'll be Bulldogs.

A student with an IDD prepares a meal with a student mentor.


On campus, building independence and autonomy with the support of staff and students.

A student with an IDD participates in a college class.


In inclusive classes, working toward a certificate of completion.

A student with an IDD participates in a football game.


Experiencing college life and all the clubs, events and festivities that brings.

A student with an IDD serves coffee at a campus cafe.


Meaningful, lifelong skills to be self-supporting and contributing.

Dr. Melanie Keel

Wingate Forward is an inclusive and immersive college experience that will prepare students to live self-determined and independent lives. Dr. Melanie Keel



Dr. Melanie Keel
Founding Director of Wingate Forward