The Collaborative for the Common Good

Our fates are intertwined, because there’s no thriving Wingate University without a vibrant and prosperous surrounding community. So we’re all responsible for using our talents, gifts and passions to serve the common good. What will you contribute to the common good?

The CCG uses a project-based approach to address economic, social and ecological issues in eastern Union County. Our goal is to transform our local region by focusing on creating neighborhoods where people, places, and economies can thrive and prosper. And we will do this through collective engagement – the power of “we.”

We work with partners on and off campus, aligning resources, talents and expertise with community needs, while providing opportunities to advance various academic pursuits.

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Explore Wingate's Economic Information Center, serving Anson and Union Counties. The Center strives to be a centralized hub of economic reporting, analysis and resources.

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CCG Leadership

Executive Director

Cathy Wright 

Erika Niland
Candace Lapan
Lacey Ritter

Project Managers
Kristin Stowe
Nick DeLangie
Chris Harrist
Kaitlyn Perry
Sandi Mills


Student Interns
Isabella Walle
Adden Howard
Allison Tietz
Axel Velazquez
Brandy Fuentes Delgado
Alexandria Ashley