Economic Impact of Wingate University

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The Wingate University Economic Information Center exists to work with small business owners, non-profit leaders and government officials in curating and developing economic data and research for Anson and Union counties in North Carolina.

Providing a landing place for the outcomes and opportunities stemming from the surrounding communities, Wingate is committed to the health, development and transparent work of economic forecasting. The work is a participatory process, continually pivoting to cover and provide information and vital data to community stakeholders.

Anson County

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Union County

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Faculty Presentations

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Collaborative for the Common Good

The Wingate Economic Information Center is part of the Collaborative for the Common Good (CCG). 

The CCG uses a project-based approach to address economic, social and ecological issues in eastern Union County. Our goal is to transform our local region by focusing on creating neighborhoods where people, places, and economies can thrive and prosper. And we will do this through collective engagement -- the power of 'we.'

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