Residence Life

One of the benefits of living on campus is that you get a multidimensional college experience. At the Office of Residence Life, we work hard to make sure that experience is great.

Attending a small school like Wingate University means participating in a fun, vibrant community. You learn as much from your fellow students as from your professors. That’s why we strongly encourage students to live on campus. You belong here, so take advantage of all we have to offer.

The World, Right Here

At Wingate University, you live comfortably and conveniently. With about 75 percent of our undergraduate students living on campus, academic resources, your social life and extracurricular activities are always close at hand. Walk out your door and attend a sporting event or a club meeting. You can keep a car on campus, but everything you need is within walking distance.

Housing that Grows with You

Most students start out in residence halls with a roommate. As you progress through your four years here, you might opt for a suite-style building. Or you can move into an apartment with roommates of your own choosing.

We consider this an important part of a Wingate University education. You learn from your roommates what can’t be taught in the classroom. The benefits of living on campus include developing a sense of confidence that only comes from living autonomously.

No matter where you choose to live on campus, the Office of Residence Life is here to support you. We hope you’ll turn to us when you have questions or need a little help. Welcome home!

Residence Life FAQs

If you’re like everyone who ever went to college, you’re nervous about moving to a strange, new place. It’s going to be fine! Trust us. We’ve been doing this a while. Still, we get a lot of questions, and you’re probably wondering the same things. Below, find answers to some of questions we hear most often.