Environmental sustainability is an important part of the culture at Wingate University.

Sustainability is important to all of us at Wingate University. Students, faculty and staff practice sustainability through a number of collaborative efforts. We encourage all members of the campus community to participate in opportunities supporting an interdependent environmental, economic and socially sustainable campus community.

We continually seek opportunities to minimize energy consumption, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions, and promote the development and use of renewable energy sources. But that’s not the end of it.

We construct, renovate and operate campus buildings with high standards for efficiency in energy, water and materials intensity in a way that minimizes impacts on the local ecosystems and supports human wellbeing. All of our new facilities are constructed with LEED certification principles in mind. In fact, our Ballantyne and Hendersonville campuses are LEED-certified facilities.

We strive to develop an infrastructure that promotes walking and cycling, and we encourage all members of our campus community to help reduce reliance on single-occupancy vehicular travel.

Our Student Sustainability Group

What does sustainability mean to you? It might mean turning off the lights when you leave a room. For others, it might be composting, recycling and accumulating zero waste. Still others believe it involves much more. Whatever you think sustainability is, you’ll find like-minded students to share your passion for being more efficient with our natural resources. You’ll fit right in with the environmental student group, Bulldogs into Going Green (BIGG), and you might even find a sustainability work-study position.

We’re excited about the many opportunities to go green at Wingate University. Please join us as we practice environmental sustainability in its many forms.


The bike share program on the Wingate campus is our signature green initiative. We provide 32 bikes for the Wingate University community’s use on campus. All you need to do to enjoy this environmentally friendly mode of transportation is sign up using an app on a smart phone.