Campus Safety


The Wingate University Department of Campus Safety is committed to providing a safe educational and work environment for our family of students, faculty and staff.

We are available day and night to assist you with any campus safety concerns:

  • Campus Safety: 704-233-8999
  • Wingate Police (non-emergency): 704-289-1591
  • Police (emergency): 911
  • Address: 204 North Main Street Wingate, NC 28174

We also offer access to a broad range of campus safety resources:

Undergraduate students should register their vehicles via their student checklist. (You'll need your Wingate credentials to log-in.)


It is the responsibility of the Wingate University Crisis Management Team to plan and prepare for potential emergencies, disasters or a crisis. We work together to ensure the safety of the Wingate University family.

The crisis management team is comprised of university leaders and key campus directors. Its goal: To quickly assess and respond to emergencies.

Wingate University is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe environment. The specifics of our crisis management processes are outlined in our 2020-2021 Crisis Management Response Plan (PDF).


The mission of Wingate University’s Crisis Management team is clear, and the process for identifying and managing crises is as follows:

  1. Assess the situation and gather facts.
  2. Develop a response strategy.
  3. Analyze available resources and prioritize response actions.
  4. Contact and maintain relationships with key local resources.
  5. Communicate information to students, employees and families.
  6. Review progress of crisis response.



Don’t forget that students are also important members of our crisis management team.

If you are aware of a crisis, impending emergency, or you notice something suspicious, notify Campus Safety or call 911 immediately.

Order Parking Decal - for GRADUATE Students

Order Parking Decal - Faculty/Staff



  • Parking permits are required on all Wingate University parking lots.
  • Parking regulations are in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Vehicle operators must comply with federal, state, local and University parking regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Vehicle operators must obtain a parking permit from Campus Safety at the beginning of the academic year.
  • Permits must be clearly visible and placed on the back left corner of the vehicle’s rear window.  Vehicles must be parked in the lot that corresponds with the permit.  Permits must correspond to the current term to be valid.  If damaged or lost, visit the Department of Campus Safety to request another permit

Parking Violations/Fines

  • Violations of the following University parking regulations may result in a citation, fine, loss of campus parking privileges, or vehicle may be towed at the owner’s expense.  
    • Parking at the University without a current permit displayed – $25
    • Parking in a Fire Lane/Tow Away Zone – $5
    • Parking in a Handicap space without proper handicap tag or placard – $50
    • Parked in a Reserved/Restricted Area – $25
    • Blocked and/or Straddling, End of Aisle – $50
    • Parked in an Improper Area for Permit – $25
    • Blocking Traffic/Crosswalk/Access – $50
    • Parking on grass/landscape/sidewalks on University Property – $25
    • Parking at Yellow Curb – $25
    • Improper display of Permit – $25
  • Anyone with more than four (4) parking violations during the school year will be considered persistent offenders and are subject to being towed if found parked illegally on campus.  

Town of Wingate Parking Violations

  • Most parking violations in the Town of Wingate are associated with a fine.  Failure to pay may result in criminal or civil sanctions.  Questions regarding the procedure for appealing a ticket issued by the Wingate Police Department should be directed to the Chief of Police.

Towable Offenses

  • All tows are done at the owner’s expense.  Violations that may warrant towing include the following:
    • Parking in Marked Handicapped Space
    • Blocking Traffic/Crosswalk/Access
    • Tow Away Zones/Fire Lanes
    • Parking on Grass or Landscape
    • Abandoned Vehicles
    • Restricted Parking

Student Parking Appeals

  • Tickets should be paid at the Wingate University Business Office.
  • Appeals should be sent via WUSync on the Parking Appeals Form within 48 hours of receiving the ticket and are considered on a monthly basis.  All final decisions will be communicated in writing via WUSync to the student’s email.

Employee Parking Appeals

If the employee followed the parking rules and the employee believes the citation was issued in error, the employee has the option to submit a written appeal to the Employee Appeals Committee within 48 hours of the date the citation was issued.

Grounds for an employee’s appeal


Employee Appeals may be granted for two reasons:

  1. There is substantial evidence that you did not commit the violation.
  2. You may have committed the violation, but circumstances were not under your control, and:
    • before receiving the citation, you made a demonstrable attempt to notify Campus Safety of the situation, or;
    • you can produce written verification from a witness to the situation indicating that the situation was so unusual that it cannot reasonably occur again.
  3. Other: If your appeal rationale does not fit into one of the above categories, please submit your appeal with rationale to the Employee Appeals Committee.


  • Not knowing the parking rules
  • Disagreement with fines
  • Inability to pay fines
  • Forgetfulness
  • Needing to park for a short period of time
  • Inability to find a parking space
  • Incorrect permit
  • Failure to obtain a temporary permit
  • Failure to notice parking signs
  • Failure to display a parking permit

Submitting an employee’s appeal

Please submit employee parking appeals to the Employee Appeals Committee by completing the Employee Parking Appeals Form at  within 48 hours of the date the citation was issued.  

For additional information regarding the employee parking appeal process, please email the Employee Appeals Committee at:

Information required to submit an employee’s appeal

To submit an employee’s appeal, you must provide the following in writing:

  • Full name and mailing address
  • University ID number
  • Reason(s) for appeal
  • Citation number and date issued
  • License plate number and state the vehicle is registered in

Employee Appeals Committee

The Appeals Committee reviews all appeals every 30 days.

The Appeals Committee is comprised of a diverse spectrum of campus employees

The Parking Enforcement Team is not on the Appeals Committee.

All Appeals Committee decisions are final.

Permit Designations

  • Faculty/Staff (Yellow F/S) Permit
  • Commuter Student (Green C) Permit
  • Residential (Orange R) Permit
  • Levine College of Health Sciences (Blue L) Permit
  • Visitor Permits (Neon Yellow hang tags)

Overnight/Short Term Parking

  • Anyone who is going to leave their vehicle overnight or for any length of time must notify the Department of Campus Safety why they are leaving the vehicle and for how long.  Any vehicles that are left on campus must have a current parking permit, or it can be subject to immediate tow.

Storage of Vehicles

  • University parking facilities may not be used for long term storage.

Use of Multiple Vehicles

  • All vehicles parked on University property must have a valid parking permit on display.  Multiple cars will require each vehicle to be registered with the Department of Campus Safety, but only one vehicle at the time is permitted on campus.

Lot Maintenance/Special Event Parking/Inclement Weather

  • The University reserves the right to close and/or restrict parking areas for maintenance or snow removal.

Damage to Your Vehicle

  • Wingate University is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to any vehicle, or its contents, while parked on a University lot.

Emergency Parking Situations

  • In the event of vehicular breakdowns, call the Department of Campus Safety at 704-233-8999 and report the vehicle.

Public Safety Services

  • Non-Emergency:  If you need to contact the Department of Campus Safety, you can call 704-233-8999 from off campus or x8999 on a campus phone.
  • Emergency:  Call 911.

Do not know where to park?  Call 704-233-8999 and speak to the Department of Campus Safety.


Blue-light help phones throughout campus provide a direct link to an emergency dispatcher.