Welcome to life at Wingate University. Ready, set, go!

a co-ed group of students walking on a path in front of a pond that overlooks Batte

There are many differences between high school and college, and we want you to succeed and enjoy your time at Wingate University. These resources can help you transition with ease.

You’ve Got Rights and Responsibilities

If you receive disability support services, we’re happy to assist you. It’s also our obligation. But we can’t provide the services you need unless you tell us what they are. And telling us what you need is your responsibility as a Wingate University student.

An excellent resource with more information about your rights and responsibilities is Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities. We also have copies available at the Academic Resource Center (ARC).

First Step

The first step in making the transition from high school to college is participating in orientation. You’ll meet the people who can point you to available services and learn what to expect when you arrive on campus. Orientation is designed to get you started on the right foot as a college student.

Internal Resources for You

Reach out to the staff and services of the Ethel K. Smith Library, the ARC, your professors or your academic adviser. If you find they’re not ideal for you, let us know. We’re dedicated to your success, but we need you to work with us along the way.

External Resources for You

We have additional resources to help with your transition to college life:

  • AHEAD (Association on Higher Education and Disabilities)
  • PACER (Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights)
  • ISER (Internet Special Education Resources)
  • Think College

When You Have Questions

When you have a question or need advice, there are many people willing to listen and help. We hope you’ll take the first step and reach out to someone on campus. We are all here to help you succeed.