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Andrew Bass

Associate Athletic Trainer

Dr. Dawn Battise

Associate Professor, Pharmacy, Director of Pharmacy Skills Lab

Celeste Baucom

Certified Medical Assistant, Student Health

Christy Baucom

Assistant Manager, Wingate Outfitters

Eva Baucom

Director of Graduate Admissions

Mrs. Vanessa Baucom

Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics

Malinal Bautista


Glenda Bebber

Associate Vice President, Campus Operations

Chloe Beck

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Kristie Begley

Assistant Registrar, Degree Audits

William Belk

Adjunct Faculty, Religion

Greg Bell

Chair & Associate Professor, Mathematics

Sarah Benes

Associate Director of Student Financial Planning

Jordan Bertke

Adjunct Instructor

Mrs. Liz Biggerstaff

Assistant Vice President for Career Services and New Student Orientation

Patrick Biggerstaff

Vice President for Strategic Finance and Planning

Amanda Bireline

Adjunct Faculty

Jacqueline Blabon

Graduate Assistant

Sharon Bland-Davis

Assistant Director

Rebecca Boeschel

Associate Program Director

Tanisha Bomani

Director of Human Resources

Dr. Jenny Bond

Associate Professor, Sport Sciences

Richard Boner

Adjunct Faculty

Gwen Bothun


Timothy Boyle

Head Coach, Men's Lacrosse

JB Brabson

Associate Head Coach, Women's Soccer

William Breckenridge

Adjunct Faculty, Graduate Education

Chris Breeden

Assistant Professor

Olivia Brees

Graduate Assistant

Charlene Bregier

Visual Arts Coordinator