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Duane Aagaard

Adjunct Faculty, Sport Sciences

Shadora Abraham

Adjunct Faculty, Modern Languages

John Acquaviva

Professor, Sport Sciences

Ray Adcock

PT Shuttle Driver

Craig Addison

Senior Vice President for Finance & Admin/CFO

Danielle Adkins

Adjunct Faculty, Sport Sciences

Acchia Albury

Associate Professor, Biology

Jill Aldridge

Cashier, Business Office

Laura Alison

Physician Assistant, Community Health Services

Nicole Allen

Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics

Amanda Alling

Graduate Assistant, Community Engagement

Augie Alvarez

Landscape Supervisor

Roberto Alvarez


Kimberly Andrews

Adjunct Faculty, Graduate Education

Tom Appenzeller

Adjunct Faculty, Sport Sciences

Carol Arant

Administrative Assistant, Pharmacy

Jennifer Armentrout

Director of International Programs

Dori Armstead

Vice President of Human Resources

Martha Asti

Scholar in Residence

Jeff Atkinson

Assistant VP, WU Ballantyne

Tammy Austin

Administrative Assistant, Institutional Research

Timothy Ave'Lallemant

Adjunct Faculty, BLS Program

Amanda Aversa

Graduate Assistant, Education

Abby Ayesh

Adjunct Faculty, Psychology

Edwin Bagley

Professor, Philosophy

Sarah Bailey

Educational Loan Counselor

Cherilyn Barbee

Adjunct Faculty, Nursing

Kristen Barbee

Director, Nursing Department and Associate Professor

Christopher Barnes

Adjunct Faculty, Graduate Education

Robert Barrons

Associate Professor, Pharmacy