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Roz Becker

Director, PA Studies/Assistant Professor

Kristie Begley

Degree Auditor

William Belk

Adjunct Faculty, Religion

Greg Bell

Chair & Associate Professor, Mathematics

Victoria Best

Associate Director of Admissions

Liz Biggerstaff

Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Patrick Biggerstaff

Chief of Planning and Operations/Provost's Office

Ann Black

Instructor, Nursing

Morgan Black

Administrative Assistant, Thayer School of Education

Roy Blank

Associate Professor, PA Studies and Medical Director

Becky Bliss

Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy

Gary Bodford

Safety Coordinator, Campus Safety

Rebecca Boeschel

Associate Program Director

Cassie Boland

Associate Professor, Pharmacy

Tanisha Bomani

Human Resources Generalist

Jenny Bond

Associate Professor, Sport Sciences

Polly Bostic

Adjunct Faculty, Music

Ron Bostic

Adjunct Faculty, Music

Meredith Bostrom

Adjunct Faculty, Biology

Maged Botros

Adjunct Faculty, Modern Languages

Mary Boyden

Graduate Assistant, Track and Field

Timothy Boyle

Head Coach, Men's Lacrosse

Laura Brant

Director of Community Standards

William Breckenridge

Adjunct Faculty, Graduate Education

Charlene Bregier

Visual Arts Coordinator

Lisa Brennan

Assistant Professor, Pharmacy

Tammy Britt

Executive Assistant to the President

Patrick Britz

Adjunct Faculty, MASM

Laora Brizendine

Associate Professor, Mathematics

Debbi Brock

Assistant Professor, Marketing and Entrepeneurship