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Dr. Geniece Monde

Associate Professor of Sociology and Department Chair
Criminal Justice, Sociology

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PhD, Sociology, Harvard University 2013
B.A., Sociology, State University of New York, Binghamton 2005



Dr. Geniece Crawford Mondé teaches classes in sociology and criminal justice. Her classes challenge students to examine how social and cultural norms have shaped the U.S. criminal justice system. She encourages students to share their views in class and question taken-for-granted notions about the values and laws that shape much of our society.

Dr. Mondé is always open to working with students on research projects and has had the pleasure of serving on committees for students completing their honors thesis. Her own research focuses on how formerly incarcerated women adjust to life after prison and the use of social media by marginalized populations.

Selected Publications

  • Bell, Monica, Kathryn Edin, Holly M. Wood and Geniece Crawford Mondé. 2018. “Relationship Repertoires, the Price of Parenthood, and the Costs of Contraception” Social Service Review 92: 313-348
  • Mondé, Geniece Crawford. 2018. “#BlackDontCrack: A Content Analysis of the Aging Black woman in Social Media” Feminist Media Studies 18: 47-60
  • Mondé, Geniece Crawford. 2016. “Embracing Positive Tension in the Classroom” The Teaching Professor 30 (7)
  • Crawford, Geniece. 2016. “Building Consensus in Contested Spaces: Lessons for Post-Ferguson America from Inner-City Boston” Sociation Today 14 (1)
  • Crawford, Geniece . 2013. “To Be Young, Criminalized and Black: How the Black Church Matters for Young Black Men in the 21st Century” Journal of Race, Ethnicity and Religion 4 (1-26)

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