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Duane Aagaard

Adjunct Faculty, Sport Sciences

John Acquaviva

Professor, Sport Sciences

Tom Appenzeller

Adjunct Faculty, Sport Sciences

Dr. Jenny Bond

Associate Professor, Sport Sciences

Brandy Clemmer

Assistant Professor, Sport Sciences, Clinical Coordinator Athletic Training, Interim Dean, School of Sport Sciences

Danielle Cochrane

Adjunct Faculty, Sport Sciences

Heather DeLangie

Adjunct Faculty,Sports Sciences

Christi DeWaele

Associate Professor, Sport Sciences

Dr. Christopher Harrist

Associate Professor, Sport Sciences, Program Coordinator - Community & Commercial Recreation

Lindsay Jones

Adjunct Faculty, Sport Sciences

Dr. Jiho Kim

Associate Professor, Sport Management, Sport Management

Robert Lyons

Adjunct Faculty, Sport Sciences

Dr. Daniel McLaughlin

Associate Professor, Sport Sciences , Health and Physical Education Teacher Education Coordinator

Dr. Traci Napolitano

Associate Professor, Sport Sciences

Dr. Dawn Norwood

Associate Professor and MASM Program Director, MASM Program Director

Ryan Petrus

Adjunct Faculty, Sport Sciences

Ms. Amy Richardson

Instructor, Sport Sciences/PE 101 Coordinator, Coordinator for PE 101 Personal Fitness & Wellness, Advisor for Exercise Science

Timothy Singleton

Director, Sports Medicine , Director of Sports Medicine

Dr. Bill Steffen

Visiting Assistant Professor, Sport Sciences

Juan Vargas

Adjunct/Independent Contractor