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Chuck Gordon

Chuck Gordon

Managing Editor

Holbrook Building


Wingate University, BS

About Me

A 1989 graduate of Wingate College, I spent a decade writing and editing sports news for a daily newspaper and 15 years as a copy editor for a research house in London. I returned in May 2015 to find Wingate a university. I’m impressed with its transformation but long to play one last game of pickup basketball in McIntyre Gym (or Sanders-Sikes, for that matter).

I add and subtract commas, rewrite sentences and distinguish between “that” and “which” for much of the printed matter sent out by the university. I also write copy for and edit the alumni magazine, “Wingate Today.” If you have any story ideas or items for Class Notes, I’m the man to get in touch with. After work, you might occasionally see me in a T-shirt and shorts flinging Frisbees on Wingate’s disc-golf course. Otherwise, I spend my time taking way too many pictures of my children, reliving my glory days on the tennis court or grumbling about the fortunes of Fulham Football Club and North Carolina State’s men’s basketball team.