Department of Sociology

Dr. Geniece Crawford Monde

Dr. Geniece Crawford Monde

Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice

111-B Burris Hall


Harvard University, PhD
Harvard University, MA
State University of New York, Binghamton, BA

About Me

I am a sociologist of crime and gender, with particular interests in how criminally involved women manage their roles as mothers and caretakers. I have spent years interviewing women, learning about their experiences as both incarcerated persons and as mothers.

My research experiences have and continue to shape my teaching. I enjoy showing the relationship between research and concepts discussed in the classroom. In addition to crime, my teaching interests include the sociology of gender, culture, and race relations in contemporary U.S. society.

One reason I enjoy teaching at Wingate University is the opportunity I have to support student research and independent learning. I hope to work with students on research projects that advance their intellectual growth and prepare them for the world beyond the classroom.

“To Be Young, Criminalized and Black: How the Black Church Matters for Young Black Men in the 21st Century.” Journal of Race, Ethnicity and Religion 4, 1-26. 2013

“Is Orange Really the New Black?: Women and the Pains of Post-Imprisonment.”” Paper presented at Southern Sociological Society Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA, 2015

“The Role of Social Networks and Transitional Organizations in Ex-Offender Mothers’ Construction of Short Term Life Goals.” Paper presented at North Carolina Sociological Association Annual Meeting. Charlotte, NC, 2014

“The Trial after Imprisonment: How Ex-Offender Mothers Rationalize Criminal Activity Post-Release.” Paper presented at The American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL, 2012

“Dreams Deferred: How Ex-Offender Mothers Construct an ‘Ideal’ World for their Children Post-Release.” Paper presented at the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting. Denver, CO, 2012

“I’ve Come this Far By…: Coping Strategies, Resilience and Empowerment among Ex-Offender Mothers.” Paper presented at the Association of Black Sociologists Annual Meeting. Denver, CO, 2012

“Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places: Female Ex-Offender Accounts of Intimate Partner Victimization.” Paper presented at the New England Women Studies Association Annual Meeting. Portland, ME, 2012

“Still that Little Girl: The Meaning of Childhood Abuse for Ex-Offender Mothers.” Paper presented at the Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting. New York, NY, 2012

Wingate University Faculty Development Award, 2014

Wingate University Faculty Development Award, 2013