School of Pharmacy

Dr. Michael Manolakis

Dr. Michael Manolakis

Director of Interprofessional Education; Associate Professor

Levine Health Sciences 334


University of Tennessee, PhD
University of Southern California, PharmD
University of Southern California, BA

About Me

A native of New Jersey, Dr. Manolakis earned his doctorate in pharmacy from the University of Southern California and his doctorate in philosphy with a concentration in bioethics from the University of Tennessee. He also completed the Executive Management Program for Pharmacy Leaders at the University of Pennsylvania and the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Academic Leadership Fellows Program.

Prior to joining Wingate University, Dr. Manolakis worked as a community pharmacist, in managed-care pharmacy, and as a health care consultant. His managed-care efforts span 15 years and he worked in clinical services, sales, account management and marketing.

Dr. Manolakis has presented on topics in bioethics to numerous national pharmacy audiences and currently serves on the Bioethics Advisory Board for the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. He currently serves on the editorial advisory boards for Pharmacy Times and Innovations in Pharmacy. He and his family live in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Phi Lambda Sigma, Honorary Faculty Inductee, 2010

Mortar and Pestle Award for Excellence in Leadership, Wingate University School of Pharmacy Students, 2009

Pharmacy Student of the Year, California Pharmacists Association, 1987