School of Pharmacy

Dr. Nicholas Ferencz

Dr. Nicholas Ferencz

Director of Pharmacy Practice Laboratories; Assistant Professor

Levine Health Sciences 356


University of Mississippi, PharmD
Tulane University, PhD
The Ohio State University, MS
Case-Western Reserve University, MSLS
Cleveland State University, BA
The Ohio State University, BS

About Me

The most important times each year for me have always been when school started and when school ended. When school ended, I looked forward to various employment. When school began, I looked forward to the rigors of formal education.

Even when lengths of employment got longer and schooling shorter, I still looked forward to my next episode of formal education. Perhaps that is why, when employed as the owner/manager of a pharmacy, a professor in a pharmacy school, a basic researcher in pharmacology, a director of pharmacy in several large hospitals, and again as a professor in a pharmacy school, I’ve acquired the degrees I’m proud to hold. I see no greater vocation than teaching what I have spent my life learning.

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Research Grant, Nabumetone Pharmacokinetics, 1993

U.S. Department of Defense Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Clinical Pharmacology, Tulane University, 1991

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