School of Pharmacy

Dr. Robert B. Supernaw

Dr. Robert B. Supernaw

Vice Provost of Health Sciences and Dean of School of Pharmacy

Levine Health Sciences 133


University of the Pacific, PharmD

About Me

Dr. Supernaw earned his doctorate of pharmacy from the University of the Pacific and is board certified in pain medicine and as a forensic examiner. He has served on the faculties of three schools of pharmacy in California, Texas and North Carolina, and has served as dean of two.

He was selected as teacher of the year at Texas Tech University and as alumnus of the year at the University of the Pacific. Special recognitions include the awards of the Order of Pacific from the University of the Pacific and the Presidential Award for Academic Service from Texas Tech University.

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The Japanese Pharmaceutical Association

The American Pharmacists Association

The American Academy of Pain Management

The University of British Columbia

The Hawaii Pharmaceutical Association

The North Carolina Pharmacists Association

The Texas Society of Hospital Pharmacists

The California Pharmacists Association

The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy

The California Medical Association

Board certified in pain medicine (diplomat status) and as a forensic examiner (fellow status)

Served on the faculties of three schools of pharmacy in California, Texas and North Carolina, as dean of two

Teacher of the Year, Texas Tech University

Alumnus of the Year, University of the Pacific

Order of the Pacific award from the University of the Pacific

Presidential Academic Award for Service from Texas Tech University