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Dr. Treavor T. Riley

Dr. Treavor T. Riley

Regional Director of Experiential Education; Associate Professor

Hendersonville Campus

828-697-0105 ext 606

University of Louisiana at Monroe, PharmD

About Me

Treavor T. Riley, a native of New Orleans, received his doctorate in pharmacy from the University of Louisiana at Monroe College of Pharmacy. He then completed residency training in Memphis, Tennessee, with Baptist Memorial Healthcare. Following residency training, Dr. Riley practiced as a critical-care specialist and assistant professor with ULM College of Pharmacy. He then joined the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy providing both critical-care and administrative pharmacy rotation sites for third- and fourth-year pharmacy students.

Dr. Riley joined the Wingate University School of Pharmacy in July of 2012. Currently, he coordinates the nutrition
pharmacotherapy course and is a team member in both the infectious diseases and critical care courses.

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