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David Storey

David Storey

Creative Director

Holbrook Building


About Me

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A 1990 graduate of Wingate College, I first got paid for graphic design as a student in the College Publications Office and print shop attached to the old McIntyre Gym — they had the first Macintosh computers I had ever seen, and I was hooked. My actual design work probably began much earlier as I doodled in and on my notebooks, church bulletins, my shoes and the occasional family heirloom.

Like any good designer, I’m a problem solver first and foremost, and my first, somewhat-failed attempt at strategic thinking occurred as a 10 year old, while trying to explain to my mother how the name “David” came to be “engraved” on our fancy brass desk lamp.

30 years and loads of experience and battle scars later, I’m still using a Mac, I’ve gotten much more adept at strategy, and I still doodle in the margins.

I enjoy being back at Wingate and am happy helping craft and tell our story.