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Amee Odom

Amee Odom


117 Ethel K. Smith Library


University of North Carolina, Charlotte, MA
University of North Carolina, Greensboro, MLIS
Wingate College, BA

About Me

A member of the last Wingate College graduating class in 1995, Mrs. Odom is a second-generation Wingate alumna. As an undergraduate, she worked in the Ethel K. Smith Library. Often called upon to conduct research about the institution, she is happy to discuss all things Wingate University.

At Wingate, Mrs. Odom discovered her career path [literature and librarianship], forged her greatest friendships, and met her husband. She is married to Dr. C. Brian Odom, a member of the biology department faculty. Of librarianship, Mrs. Odom finds information literacy (research question identification, effective and efficient resource discovery, and ethical incorporation of materials) most interesting. She believes the mission of academic librarians is to defy stereotypes. Sometimes learning is loud!

Mrs. Odom hates the “favorite book” question, but she will answer it. In no particular order: “To Kill a Mockingbird,” “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass,” The Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, The Harry Potter series, and “whatever she’s reading at the moment” make her top five. Dr. and Mrs. Odom live in Wingate, enjoy traveling, reading, and pet wrangling. They have three cats (all named after nonsense words in The Jabberwocky) and three dogs.

“Wingate: the People, the Place, the Legacy.” Wingate University Student Involvement Banquet, inaugural keynote speaker. Wingate University, 2014

“Herding the Walking Dead: Infecting Freshman Biology Majors with Information Lidteracy Skills.” with C. Brian Odom and Ashley Shealy. Georgia International Information Literacy Conference. 2013

“Rant, Rave, Research, and Write: How a Holistic Approach to Writing Assignments Produced Transferable Skills and Improved Overall Student GPAs.” with Ashley Shealy and Kevin Winchester. Georgia International Information Literacy Conference. 2013

“What You Don’t Know…Will Hurt You (and Your Students): A Zombie Apocalypse Tool Kit for Your Faculty.” with Ashley Shealy and Kevin Winchester. Georgia International Information Literacy Conference. 2012

“Increasing GPAs in At-Risk Populations: A Study in Information Literacy, Librarian and Professor Partnerships, and Better GPAs.” with Ashley Shealy and Kevin Winchester. North Carolina Independent Colleges & Universities (NCICU). 2012

“No More Zombies: A Game Plan for Stopping the One-Shot Instruction Stupor.” with Kevin Winchester and Greta Wood. Georgia International Information Literacy Conference. 2011

Unsung Hero, Wingate University, 2013-2014

C.C. Burris Award, Wingate College, 1995