Center for Vocations, Internships and Career Services

Lori A. Brasile

Lori A. Brasile

Assistant Director

Watson House (old Campus Safety) 603 N. Main St.


University of Georgia, ME
Berry College, BA

About Me

I’m a Californian by birth who was raised in the Atlanta metro area. I’ve lived in Charlotte since 2010 and moved to take the position at Wingate. It was during my senior year in college that I discovered my desire to work with college students. I was highly involved in many areas of college both inside and outside of the classroom. After I graduated, I took a job as a recruiter for a staffing firm in Atlanta, which is where I developed an interest in career development. I am lucky to work in a field that allows me to combine my desire to help college students with my knowledge and skills in career and workforce development. In my spare time, I teach group exercise classes, and I love all things Italian and college football.