Special songs hold a place of honor in our hearts. We invite you to learn the words to our Bulldog alma mater.

Wingate University students and alumni, faculty, staff and friends who wear the blue and gold proudly sing these lyrics:

In the land of Carolina
‘Neath the sky so blue
Stands our noble Alma Mater
Glorious to view.
Lift the chorus,
Speed it onward,
Loud the praise relate,
Hail to thee our Alma Mater
Hail, all Hail, Wingate.
Far and wide her sons and daughters
Bear the gold and blue,
Proudly rally ’round her banner,
Hail! Wingate to you.
(Repeat Chorus)
Dr. John Blizzard and music students perform the Alma Mater during a recent Founder’s Day.

Now it’s your turn!