We wouldn’t be Wingate University without our traditions.

the Wingate University seal is engraved on a sidewalkStudents take care not to step on the seal in front of Burris Hall. They wrap the Quad in toilet paper. They follow these other Wingate University traditions.

Bulldog Traditions

Meet Me at SpringGate
Wingate University students take their academics seriously. But before they take their spring semester exams too seriously, they enjoy SpringGate. The event takes place the week leading up to finals and is packed with a 5K, movie night, a festival and a concert.

The Seal in Front of Burris 

A marble seal lies at the bottom of the steps to Burris Hall that students sidestep when they walk past. Why? Students who walk on it don’t graduate in four years. Whether it’s tradition or myth, students know the Wingate Pledge to be true. They walk around the seal and follow their academic plans to the letter.

W’International Camp-out
Juniors go on W’International study abroad trips. Rising juniors check in at a location determined by the Office of International Programs. Students stand in line all day, except for breaks to go to class or work, then camp out overnight. The next morning the Office of International Programs calls out students names and students choose where they want to study abroad.

Welcome Week Traditions

The Hypnotist’s Shows
New Wingate University students are mesmerized by events during Welcome Week, especially hypnotist Jim Wand’s performances. Wand has performed on nearly 1,000 college campuses and has entranced Wingate University students for more than 20 years. His shows are so popular he puts on two separate ones. Spellbinding, huh?

Welcome Week Street Fair
New Wingate students make their way to McGee Promenade during Welcome Week. There, they meet fellow Bulldogs and learn about campus. They score with freebies from nearby businesses. And since it’s the day before classes, current students get in on the fun too. And it is fun. The street fair is a festival filled with music and games such as cornhole, inflatables and a rock climbing wall.

Homecoming Traditions

Soap Suds in the Fountain
The fountain has been in front of the Dickson-Palmer Student Center for only a few years. That’s plenty of time to become part of a student prank. A dish soap-wielding student filled the fountain with soap suds during the first homecoming the fountain ever saw. The suds were blue, of course. And they’ve been blue ever since except during the football game that raises awareness for breast cancer. Then the suds are pink.

TP’ing the Quad
Speaking of pranks involving useful household products, toilet papering the Quad has become quite a homecoming tradition. The picture at the top of this page shows what a Cottonelle-covered Wingate campus looks like. Undoubtedly the original pranksters supplied their own toilet tissue when they decorated campus.

Holiday Traditions

Halloween Carnival
Every Halloween, students turn McGee Promenade into a Halloween fun house. Student organizations, led by University Community Assistant Network (UCAN), set up decorations and activities for children in the community. The event mixes Wingate University’s focus on service with having a ghoulishly good time.

Christmas Dinner and Show
Students enjoy a Christmas dinner and show before leaving campus for the winter holiday. Held in LaVerne Banquet Hall, the annual event features a traditional holiday meal and student performances.

Commencement Traditions

Commencement on the Quad
In the middle of campus, the Quad is a picture-perfect place for Spring Commencement. The weather gods think so too. For 24 years running, the rain has stayed away so that Wingate University graduates can enjoy their day in May on the Quad. Spring Commencement speakers such as Lou Holtz and John Kasay have brightened the day over the years.

Faculty Gauntlet
Each Commencement, faculty members form a gauntlet that graduates file into before they receive their diplomas. It’s the professors’ and graduates’ chance to chat, hug or cry before our Bulldog grads venture into the world.