Whether you’re posting, pinning or tweeting, following our social media policies keeps you on target and everything running smoothly.

If you’re responsible for a social media account for the university or thinking about starting one, you need to consider the best way to talk to Wingate University’s audience. That means identifying your primary audience. Each account should focus on a primary audience of:

  • Alumni
  • Current students
  • Faculty and staff
  • Parents of students
  • Prospective students
  • Others interested in the university

Wingate University defines its social media goals as an effort to:

  • Create strong, lasting relationships
  • Learn from followers
  • Provide solutions to followers’ problems
  • Share our expertise
  • Spread awareness of the brand and available programs


Response and Engagement

Wingate University’s policy is to engage its audience on each channel in a manner that is polite, educational, responsive and helpful. Regardless of the phrasing or nature of a comment, our social media administrators are expected to respond in a respectful manner without becoming defensive. The goal is to respond to all comments with 12-24 hours. Any comments, posts or images that are deemed inappropriate or offensive, contain vulgar language, attack a group or individual, are clearly spam, are demeaning or unduly suggestive are to be removed immediately. Those responsible for the post should be banned.


Images are the most powerful tool you have to engage your audience. Images for social media pages should be high-resolution photos. Choose shots that tell a complete story, offer an unexpected point-of-view or highlight an aspect of the Wingate experience. Do not reuse the same photo for multiple posts about different topics.

Posting Policies

While Wingate University aims to position the university as a leader in higher education, the tone of social media posts should never come across as pretentious.

When posting on a Wingate University social media channel:

  • Add value
  • Be authentic
  • Be aware of privacy / copyright issues
  • Be honest
  • Play nice
  • Respect your audience
  • Use common sense

No proprietary information about any member of the Wingate University community should be shared.

On official university account, you may not post controversial personal opinions regarding political or religious topics.

The university encourages employees to respond, like, share and interact with the university on all platforms.