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Crowdfunding for Wingate University


Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the internet. Social fundraising is the #1 way to find supporters who feel connected to your institution.

GiveCampus is the official Wingate University crowdfunding platform. Using GiveCampus, the campus community can help raise money for innovative projects, service trips, scholarships, and other Wingate-specific projects. The best part? Working with the Office of Advancement and the GiveCampus platform ensures that projects keep 100% of what they raise (no fees) and donors can be stewarded appropriately.




Planning a crowdfunding campaign is no simple task. Before you submit your application, read through these responsibilities and guidelines so your project is positioned for success!

Who can apply to lead a crowdfunding campaign?

Wingate employees, students, alumni, and friends are able to apply for the opportunity to raise money for a Wingate-related purpose through GiveCampus. The platform allows individuals to:

  • Promote, market, and share the results of their fundraising campaigns;
  • Attract new donors and additional funding; and
  • Demonstrate the impact of projects.

What are the responsibilities of project leaders and project Advocates?

The project leader is the individual responsible for launching the specific campaign and promoting the cause to reach its goals. The project leader directs other members of their team who act as project Advocates. Project leaders and Advocates commit to these responsibilities:

  • Clearly define the project’s timeline and goal;

  • Provide a case for support (why are you raising money?), relevant photos related to your project, and a video (no longer than 90 seconds) for the campaign page;

  • Utilize social media to promote specific crowdfunding opportunities to their personal networks;

  • Develop thank you process in order to send personal thank you messages to donors; and 

  • Submit updates on how funds will be used (Ex: notifying donors through the crowdfunding platform that the group reached its goal and will be purchasing new equipment this month).

What are the guidelines for hosting a crowdfunding campaign?

  • Each project will be hosted on the GiveCampus platform for a predetermined amount of time, generally no more than 4-6 weeks, though exceptions may apply.

  • Projects should have specific goals and be driven by the need for measurable outcomes.

  • The Office of Advancement reserves the right to decline any project that is not in alignment with the University’s funding priorities.

  • Crowdfunding project leaders and Advocates are strictly prohibited from keeping any portion of the funds raised as a profit or compensation.

  • All donated funds through crowdfunding projects are the property of the University.

  • Projects must support Wingate programs and initiatives. Funds cannot be redirected to a third-party, external organizations such as the ALS Foundation, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, etc.

  • Tangible items of fulfillment (material items that are delivered in exchange for a gift) must be approved before being offered. Wingate’s Office of Advancement will not support the funding or fulfillment process of tangible items offered via crowdfunding.

  • Use of crowdfunding to raise funds at Wingate is subject to all University rules, policies, and compliance regulations, as well as state and federal law.

  • Wingate’s name, branding and/or logo may not be used without prior written approval by the appropriate approving official.

  • The Office of Advancement has the right to edit, or require edits to, the proposed projects at any point in the campaign.



Wingate crowdfunding projects need to be supported by an active, engaged project leader and team of Advocates. That team will be supplied with a marketing tool kit by the Office of Advancement to create content to market their group’s project.

A successful project will have, at minimum:

  • Clear case for support - be clear about what you’re trying to fund and the impact it will have.

  • A message that resonates with the Wingate community - how will this funding support the greater good?

  • A realistic goal - set a fundraising goal that is realistic based on past support and/or a thoughtful solicitation strategy.

  • A deadline - create a sense of urgency. Why is it important to make a donation today?



Fall ’23

  • Application deadline: Sept. 22

  • Crowdfunding timeline: Oct. 31 - Nov. 29

  • Reporting and Stewardship timeline: Dec. 6- Dec. 15

Spring ’24 (part of One Day, One Dog)

  • Application deadline: Jan. 5

  • Crowdfunding timeline: Feb. 9 - April 11

  • Reporting and Stewardship timeline: April 18- April 29

Off-cycle Projects

  • Application approval : 5-10 business days

  • Campaign creation timeline: Up to one month

  • Crowdfunding timeline: 4-6 weeks

  • Reporting and Stewardship timeline: Reports sent within 5 business days of the campaign’s end date; thank yous sent no later than 15 business days of campaign end date

If you have questions regarding any of the project requirements, please email Brittany Peper.


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Before submitting your crowdfunding idea, we require you to read the crowdfunding guidelines found here.