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Advocate Tool Kit

Thank you for volunteering to make #OneDayOneDog a resounding success for Wingate University! This revamped toolkit is designed to empower you to spread the word effectively and passionately about Wingate and the impactful #OneDayOneDog initiative. Let's inspire others to join this movement of giving!


  1. Check Your Social Media Accounts: Ensure you're following Wingate on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to stay updated on all things #OneDayOneDog.
  2. Use #OneDayOneDog: Incorporate this hashtag into all your social media posts to amplify our message. Make your posts fun and engaging—share pictures of your dogs, family, and anything related to Wingate. Visuals attract attention and spread the word effectively!


  1. Make Your Donation: Show your support by making a donation here.
  2. Sign Up as an Advocate: Join the advocacy team on the “advocate” tab to access exclusive resources.
  3. Share Your Unique Links: Spread the message through email and social media by sharing your personalized links.
  4. Ignite Challenges: Encourage your friends and peers to participate by offering matches or challenges.
  5. Create a Personal Plea: Craft a heartfelt video sharing why you stand behind Wingate and #OneDayOneDog. Follow the content and technical tips below to create a compelling message.

Become an Advocate!

#OneDayOneDog Social Media Graphics

To use these graphics on your social media, right click and save to your device. Then, publish to your account.

One Day One Dog Social Media Card with a student background.
One Day One Dog Social Media Card
ODOD Social Media Card
One Day One Dog Social Media Card
One Day One Dog Social Media Card



Use these sample posts across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Don't forget to tag your friends and Wingate University!

Day-Before Options

  • Tomorrow marks #OneDayOneDog, Wingate’s 24-hour giving challenge! Let's unite to support Wingate and its mission. Visit by April 11 to be part of something big!
  • Get ready to join me tomorrow for #OneDayOneDog! Let's be among the 1,200 donors making a difference by supporting the areas of campus closest to our hearts. Learn more at

Day-Of Options

  • Today is the day! Join me in supporting Wingate through #OneDayOneDog. Let's exceed 1,200 donors by making a gift before midnight. Head to now!
  • Proud to be a part of #OneDayOneDog as we rally together to make an impact for Wingate University. Let's show our support by giving to the causes we believe in before midnight tonight at!


Subject: Let's Make a Difference on #OneDayOneDog!

Dear (name),

As a proud supporter of Wingate University, I wanted to reach out to you about an incredible opportunity to make a lasting impact. On April 11, Wingate is hosting #OneDayOneDog, a 24-hour giving day aimed at securing vital resources for our beloved university.

I'm personally committed to helping Wingate reach its goal of 1,200 donors by midnight on April 11, and I invite you to join me. Your contribution, no matter the size, will directly benefit current and future Bulldogs, enriching their educational experience.

Here's how you can get involved:

  • GIVE: Make your gift before midnight on April 11 by visiting

  • SHARE: Spread the word about #OneDayOneDog on social media platforms. Let others know why you're passionate about supporting Wingate.

  • CHALLENGE: Encourage others to participate and make a difference. Extend the invitation to your network and inspire them to join us in giving back.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to support Wingate University. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and ensure a brighter future for our community.

(Your Name)


Content Tips

  • Introduce Yourself: Tell viewers who you are and your connection to Wingate.

  • Make it Personal and Tell a Story: Share why you're passionate about Wingate and #OneDayOneDog. Explain the importance of supporting Wingate and how donations will impact the community.

  • Make an Ask!: Encourage viewers to contribute to #OneDayOneDog and share it with friends. Be clear and concise in your call to action.

  • Keep it Snappy: Keep your video under 60 seconds. Deliver your message within the first 30-45 seconds to maintain viewer engagement.

  • Let Your Excitement Shine Through: Show enthusiasm and energy to inspire others to join the cause.

Video Tips

  • Use Good Light: Film in natural light or well-lit areas for clear footage. Avoid distracting backgrounds.

  • Audio is Important: Choose a quiet location to ensure clear audio.

  • Keep the Camera Steady: Hold your phone with both hands for stability. Record in landscape mode.

  • Frame Yourself Waist-Up: Ensure donors see your face clearly and your body language is visible.