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Make a gift to the University to provide transformational life experiences for our students


Put into action the lessons of selflessness and altruism we try to instill in others through volunteering your time


Inspire others to invest in our Mission by sharing your personal stories of triumph and transformation

Some gifts are more than just a gift

The volunteer opportunity that turns into a life dedicated to serving others. The office visit with a professor that sends a student down a more rewarding career path. The endowment donation that lowers a graduating student's debt. Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes they have unforeseen impacts.

This One Day, One Dog, think about the gifts you’ve received – a mentor’s time, scholarship aid, advice from a friend – and what impact they’ve had on your life. Consider keeping that spirit alive with a gift of your own. On One Day, One Dog, let's celebrate the act of selfless giving.

Every dog has its day.
April 15, 2021 is ours.

Just one dog is all it takes

2020 stories

When the world turned upside down last March, we knew pretty quickly that One Day, One Dog wasn't going to be the same as in years past. In an effort to help our students through that difficult time, we replaced our annual day of service and giving with the Student Relief Fund. Through your generous gifts, you made a real difference in the lives of students who needed assistance. But with the change, we didn't get a chance to show off some of our difference-makers, so we hope you enjoy these One Day, One Dog stories from last year.

By the Numbers


raised during One Day, One Dog 2019

97% of our students receive support from gifts to the Annual Fund — your gifts help make their dreams a reality


Gifts in 2019


Service projects

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Volunteers participating in service projects, 2019

Wherever you are, we invite you to Give, Serve and Celebrate with us on this special day!