Foundational medical knowledge
Crucial field experience with onsite clinics
Blood draws in the lab — lots of practice
Hands-on learning and practice
Serving the community through education

Physician Assistant Studies

Put your caring spirit and medical aptitude to work in the physician assistant studies program at Wingate University.


The Wingate University Physician Assistant Studies Program is dedicated to developing educated, productive and ethical physician assistants to serve the healthcare needs of the communities in which they practice.

Our philosophy is simple: We strive to prepare compassionate, skilled physician assistants to excel in the profession.

A dedicated faculty firmly believes in this philosophy. Plus we have amazing students committed to building lives of healing and compassion. We know that becoming a physician assistant is not a snap decision. Chances are, you’ve thought about your life’s work for a long time. That’s why we owe you the best educational experience possible to seek your goals.

You see, we like knowing that we have a part in preparing the kind of people who don’t come along every day, who want to make the world a better place. That’s definitely one thing we have in common. You’ll find that’s just the beginning, but what a beginning it is.

Real-time Learning at Two Locations

The Wingate University Physician Assistant Studies Program admits one class each year, beginning in late August. Forty students are admitted to the Wingate campus and 15 to the Hendersonville campus. The programs use synchronous distance learning, wherein faculty interact in real time with students, regardless of which Wingate University location they’re attending. Every student can engage with other students at both locations during class.