Like many pharmacy students, Wingate University School of Pharmacy alumna Hannah Crowe didn’t know which field she wanted to pursue. Wingate helped her with that.

Hannah Crowe remembers job shadowing in high school.

“On this day I was chosen to shadow a local pharmacist at a free clinic,” Hannah said. “I was really interested in what this pharmacist did and accomplished, so I went and got a job at an independent pharmacy in town. And the rest is history.”

Photo of pharmacy student Hannah CroweReal Pharmacy Experience

Hannah chose Wingate’s pharmacy school because of its Pre-pharmacy Course of Study program. The 2+4 program allows students the opportunity to complete their undergraduate requirements in two years and their graduate pharmacy requirements over the next four.

What Hannah didn’t know was that her pharmacy school rotations would lead her to her “perfect niche” in pharmacy.

Like all students, Hannah’s first introductory pharmacy practice experience (IPPE) was in a retail pharmacy during her first year. While she worked at a retail pharmacy in high school, she said the rotation was a big help introducing her fellow Wingate students to the world of pharmacy.

Hannah performed her second IPPE in a hospital setting when she was a P2 before moving on to more hospital and ambulatory care settings as a P3. Hannah found her niche in one of the nine nine advanced pharmacy practice experiences (APPEs) she completed as a P4.

“The pharmacy I work at was actually a rotation site Wingate had placed me into during my fourth year,” Hannah said. “I never planned on choosing long-term care, and going into the rotation I thought it was going to be the one I would enjoy the least.”

Wingate’s rotation program was the biggest help in preparing Hannah for the real world, she said.

Find What’s Right for You

“The rotations made you aware of the differences in the pharmacy jobs and helps you figure out what is right for you,” Hannah said.

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