Creating Relationships That Last

“The most enjoyable part about Wingate’s pharmacy school was the professional and personal relationships I had the opportunity to develop,” said recent Wingate University School of Pharmacy graduate Parth Thakkar.

Like most other WUSOP students, Parth’s first professional pharmacy relationships were with his Wingate professors. What he didn’t realize at the time was that his professors were setting the standard for how he’d interact with others today in his profession as a pediatric pharmacist.

Parth said faculty members at Wingate were available and willing to interact with students, which is a big deal when you’re earning your PharmD. It’s reassuring to know that professors take the time to help you every chance they get; it’s even more reassuring when the professors are as knowledgeable as the faculty from the Wingate University School of Pharmacy.

Photo of pharmacy Parth ThakkarA Group Effort

Although the Wingate faculty invest in the students themselves, one of their greatest strengths is in teaching students how to work together as a team to benefit the community. Parth remembers being part of a team of students who set up health fairs to educate the community on various health-related topics, like the importance of using sunscreen.

“These opportunities to provide community service with my fellow classmates helped to develop personal relationships outside of the classroom,” Parth said.

But the chance to create bonds with fellow students and help others doesn’t end there. Wingate’s pharmacy school offers student clubs ranging from the Christian Pharmacist Fellowship International to the Society of Integrative Medicine. Students find kindred spirits in these groups while advancing themselves professionally and serving those in need.

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