These videos are our way of sharing an insider’s view of the many things that are happening at Wingate University.

Voices of Peace – 2016 Christmas Choral Concert

PA Studies White Coat Ceremony

Wingate students, faculty and staff are taking the pledge to stop sexual assault. 

WUSOP White Coat Ceremony


Three win early med-school acceptance

Despite a pressing need for doctors — the U.S. will be 90,000 short by 2025, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges – getting into med school is still so difficult that undergrads complete an average of 16 applications in their attempts to get a seat. But for three juniors at Wingate, the uphill […]

Student artist designs community mandala

It’s not often that a college student gets to display her art project next to that of Tibetan monks whose lifework includes the ancient and exquisite practice of sand painting. But that’s what happened to Wingate University senior Asherel Kaseorg this past week. Monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery came to the University during International […]

Colemans leave house to the University

When Byrns Coleman wrote a letter to Wingate Junior College seeking a teaching job in 1960, he had no idea he’d spend the next half century investing in the lives of students, sharing Bible lessons in both the classroom and the sanctuary and raising a family with the pretty woman who worked in the college […]


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