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Service Learning & Community Engagement

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Service Learning and Community Engagement (SLCE) is a way of teaching that allows students apply course content to help impact real world issues through participatory partnership with community agencies. Service Learning and Community Engagement is rooted in reciprocity, community action and autonomy, and has three cornerstones:


  • Academic Integrity (Apply Course Content)
  • Student Ownership (students make meaningful choices)
  • Apprentice Citizenship (address pressing issues identified with the help of community partners)

SLCE Fellowship Program Application

The SLCE fellowship program aims to help faculty develop and implement a service-learning course. Fellows will spend one semester learning about best practices in service-learning pedagogy through attending four workshops. The following semester, faculty will implement their course and attend one additional follow up workshop. All fellows receive professional development and coaching as well as concrete materials to help them modify their course to a service-learning approach. Additionally, the program provide faculty with assessment tools and data from their course so that they can engage in scholarship activities, should they choose to. For their efforts, all faculty receive $1,000 stipend.



Dr. Candy Lapan
(704) 233-8670