Earning your Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree at Wingate University Ballantyne can fit within your budget.

Wingate University’s tuition is among the most affordable in thea professor teaches while adult students look on Charlotte Metro area, including public institutions. Below you’ll find a breakdown of our tuition. We believe you’ll agree it’s an excellent value for an outstanding education.

Tuition for the 2017–2018 Academic Year

The tuition per credit hour for courses (effective summer 2017) for the adult bachelor’s degree program:

  • Cost per credit hour: $375
  • Cost per 3-credit course: $1,125
  • Cost per 12-credit semester: $4,500

Naturally, the exact amount of your tuition per semester depends on how many courses you take. These rates are all subject to change at the discretion of Wingate University.

Employer Tuition Assistance and Post-Session Payment

Many of our students rely on assistance from their companies’ tuition reimbursement programs. In these cases, tuition payments can be deferred until the end of each session.

Financial Assistance for Veterans

If you’re a veteran with a DD 214 noting that you’ve been honorably discharged, you can call 1–888–GI–BILL–1 and speak to a caseworker about whether you qualify for VA benefits. Once you’ve confirmed eligibility, you can apply for your benefits. If denied, you can appeal to the VA in Decater, GA.

Once you’ve been approved for your VA benefits, you need to submit a certificate of eligibility to our VA Benefits Representative, Ms. Karen Elizabeth Smith, 704-233-8005. To obtain your certificate, print and complete the VA’s change of program form. Then send it to the VA to ensure that Wingate University is linked as your designated institution.

Vocational Rehabilitation

If you have been approved for vocational rehabilitation services, please contact Ms. Karen Elizabeth Smith.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to all Wingate University students. However, you’ll want to keep in mind that adult students need to budget their awards differently. If you plan to attend school year-round you may need to set aside part of your fall and spring awards for summer session expenses. There are also annual and lifetime loan limits, which can affect your eligibility. For more information about the different types of financial assistance, we invite you to review our pages concerning types of loans, grants and scholarships. If you have specific questions, you can email Ms. Charise Garrett in the Office of Student Financial Planning or call her at 704-233-8210.