What does a human services major from Wingate University offer you? Education and experience to propel your career.

If you want to start or continue a career that’s focused on helping others, then our human services major can help you achieve your goal. Being a human services major means gaining the in-class preparation needed to succeed as a professional in psychology, social services, non-profit organizations, the ministry, and the health field.

Perhaps you have graduate school on your radar? Wingate University’s human services major provides the educational foundation you need to succeed in advanced degree programs in counseling, psychology, or social work.

An Individual Experience

We keep our class sizes limited, so you don’t get lost in a large lecture hall. This provides you with a personal learning environment and maximizes the benefits of your professors’ expertise and real-world experience. All the while, you hone your current skills and learn new ways to apply them in the workforce. Since we emphasize getting to know your classmates and the faculty, our students build a strong and supportive network.

Ready to Start?

We’re ready to set you up for success! Visit our academic catalog to see the courses we offer, or the Bachelor of Liberal Studies with a major in human services degree requirements. If you have questions about the program, check out the Adult Bachelor’s Degree FAQ page.

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