Planning for a career as a dentist, doctor, vet or pharmacist? Want to work as a physician assistant or physical therapist? It could start here with a biology degree.

Many students want to attend medical school to become a doctor, dentist or a vet. Others hope to be admitted to a pharmacy school or physical therapy program. But most don’t know that there are no pre-med schools in North Carolina or in any state. That’s because there are no pre-med, pre-vet or pre-dental majors anywhere. Getting accepted into those graduate programs is all about preparation. And our biology major has that covered.

Courses, not Majors

prehealth_professions_pg_student_with_biology_instructor_in_lab_330x330The Wingate biology major provides you with a solid foundation if you’re planning on attending a graduate school in the health professions. Thinking about pre-med? Our partnership with Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine could be just for you. You’ll need to complete the courses that prepare you for medical school and fulfill VCOM’s admissions requirements. If you do, you could be one of the 15 Wingate students selected for admission each year.

If medical school isn’t in your plans because a different health profession is more attractive to you, we’ve got that covered. And we help you keep up with the courses you need. Our degree checklists include the specific courses you need to take if you’re planning to apply to graduate school.

Pre-health profession students should choose courses that are prerequisites for the graduate programs they’d like to apply to after graduation. Every discipline and each program varies, so check with the schools you’re interested in and know their requirements. Wondering what schools to consider? You might want to look at the schools where our students have been accepted.

Become a Stronger Candidate

Admission to health programs on the graduate school level is highly selective. In addition to a solid background in math and science, you’ll need to possess the right academic criteria. You’ll need to demonstrate:

  • Ability to think, reason and express ideas clearly
  • Appropriate job or volunteer experience in your area of interest
  • Demonstrated potential to succeed in graduate school
  • Effective communication and interview skills
  • Excellent study skills
  • High scores on MCAT/DAT/GRE entry exams
  • Motivation
  • Self-discipline
  • 3.7 GPA or higher

To learn more about our VCOM partnership or to get more information about our pre-professional programs, contact us today.