Are you aiming for a career in public relations, journalism or sports broadcasting? Want to sharpen your rhetoric and performance skills? Wingate University’s communication major prepares you for all of the above.

male and female students sitting in chairs facing each other, conducting an interview on a stageAt Wingate University, communication majors build a solid foundation by taking courses that help them sharpen their public speaking and mass, interpersonal and group communication skills. They prepare for careers in many forms of media, including TV, radio and the Internet. If you want a career where top-notch communication skills are an absolute must, this is the program you need.

Choose Your Niche

Once you declare a communication major, you choose one of the three areas of emphasis or one concentration.

Want to work in PR? Choose the public relations emphasis and build onto your solid foundation of communication courses with courses that focus on public relations. You learn principles and practices of the field and also what makes campaigns and strategies successful.

Choose the rhetoric and performance emphasis is you want to polish your power of persuasion. You can learn rhetorical techniques that work in courses such as Oral History and how to make decisions and solve problems in a group in Group Communication. Those skills are invaluable no matter what career you venture into.

If you want to pursue a career in journalism, choose the journalism and mass media emphasis. You learn how to gather and write news, write headlines that grab attention, edit copy and pictures and do everything that needs to be done to publish a newspaper. Think you’ll have to wait to see your work published? Not at Wingate. You help with the college newspaper, The Weekly Triangle, in many of your journalism and mass media courses.

Choose the concentration in sports broadcasting if you want to combine your love of sports with your love of writing. The sports broadcasting concentration is available within the mass media emphasis. Can you watch ESPN’s SportsCenter all day? Learn about directing, lighting, production planning and more as you get hands-on experience in Wingate’s on-campus TV studio in courses such as Studio Television Production.

Email Dr. Keith Cannon or stop by Neu Hall if you want to learn more about what it takes to succeed as a communication major at Wingate University.

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