Where can Wingate University’s communication major take you? One step closer to a career in the media, the corporate world, the arts and beyond.

Thinking, speaking, listening and writing. It’s hard to imagine any career that doesn’t require these skills.  Whether you’re looking to become a city beat reporter, copywriter or video editor, a communication degree prepares you with strong writing, research and presentation skills.

Communication in the Workplace

A communication degree is one of the most versatile keystones for jobs across multiple industries. It can start you on several career tracks.

Use your writing portfolio, ability to meet deadlines and feel for a good story to establish a career as an editor at a major publishing house.

Are you a fan of celebrities? Understanding public relations and media strategy can help you save a client’s career.

Your succinct and convincing prose can win you an advertising position at an agency or on the marketing team of a major corporation.

Technical know-how and your internship experience get you ready for post-production on a TV or radio show.

Rhetoric and public speaking savvy could pave the way for work as an educator, lawyer or public spokesperson for a worthy cause. You may also find yourself announcing an NBA game for a major network.

Can You See It?

Do these careers sound like something you can see yourself doing? Start here, with Wingate University’s communication major, and you’re on your way.