Serve your community while acquiring an invaluable skill set with Wingate University’s Thayer School of Education.

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The Thayer School of Education faculty and staff strive to ensure that graduates enhance the curriculum in their teaching environments.

Our strong relationship with the surrounding community also helps create an enriching learning environment.

The Thayer School of Education offers the following undergraduate majors:

Wingate’s 4 + 1 Master of Arts in Education in Elementary Education program allows you the opportunity to earn your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years.  After you earn your bachelor’s, exposure to one year of field experience, intensive coursework and vocation mastery at the highest level gets you all set for the K-6 classroom.

For those who have already earned their bachelor’s degree, we offer graduate programs for those seeking a doctoral degree in superintendency, one for community college executive leadership and master’s programs in teaching and educational leadership. If you’ve earned your bachelor’s degree, our AIG Licensure program may be for you. You can qualify to add a license to teach academically and intellectually gifted students after you earn your bachelor’s degree.

Our undergraduate and graduate degree programs are supported by faculty members and staff who are ready to help you along every step of your college career. Our strong assessment and evaluation processes keep you on the right track from the first day to the last. That’s the Wingate University difference.

Our Programs Set You Up for Success

They say the numbers don’t lie, and the pass rates for Thayer School of Education students is routinely above average. Below you’ll find the Section III Summary Pass Rates for both undergraduate and graduate students who have completed Thayer School of Education programs at Wingate University.

Group Number Taking Tests Number Passing Tests Pass Rates (%)
All students who completed programs, 2014-2015 36 36 100
All students who completed programs, 2013-2014 31 27 87
All students who completed programs, 2012-2013 17 16 94

Your Journey in Education Starts Today

To learn more about how you can become an education major, email Dr. Annette D. Digby or stop by the Thayer School of Education.

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