Student teaching offers priceless hands-on experience in the classroom.

Preparing education majors to be effective in and out of the classroom is one of our major goals. That’s why we take student teaching so seriously. Right from the start, students dive into hands-on activities to prepare for their professional careers. And that’s why we approach student teaching as a full-time investment. We expect our majors to think of it that way too. That’s why they can’t work full-time or part-time, take on major responsibilities or engage in athletics or cheerleading during their student teaching periods. It takes all of your effort to be successful in the classroom.

student teacher in front of elementary aged children in a classroom

Prepare for Success

Majors must meet the following requirements before they begin student teaching:

  • Submit a health examination form for North Carolina public schools upon approval to student teach.
  • Permission from the Office of the Dean of Education.
  • A 2.50 overall GPA and a minimum 2.50 GPA in the Professional Studies Core and Specialty Studies Core areas.
  • Complete required courses for teacher education with a “C” grade or higher in each.

During your student teaching experience, you’ll track the experience with the School Experience Log and the Weekly Schedule for Student Teaching. Your work in the classroom will be evaluated by supervisors via the:

Downloading these files will give you a good idea of what to expect. When it’s time to apply for student teaching, you’ll find all the necessary paperwork on myGate.

It’s time to get excited about the chance to shape young minds. Contact the Thayer School of Education today and learn how you can become an important part of a child’s life.