You’re fascinated by the origins, evolution and application of language. You love reading the classics. But you’re equally interested in contemporary subjects such as film, women’s studies and African-American literature. A group of students with their professor pose outside of Canterbury in England during a travel experience

You sound like an English major.

Analytical, Eloquent and Well-Rounded

As an English major, you learn to think critically while honing your analytical abilities and polishing your communication skills. You have the chance to work with faculty on research or as their assistants.

You also sharpen your professional communication skills by taking courses in professional and technical writing and desktop publishing. You can use your elective hours for a second major or a double minor. What does all this mean for you? It means that in addition to your degree, you graduate with an impressive résumé.

Give Employers What They Want

Through analyzing literature and literary movements, you learn about history and how politics shape things. You unflinchingly ask “Why?” and scrutinize all aspects of a text or issue before you start working on a solution. Guess what? Employers love that.

Ready to be Inspired?

We’re here to field questions about majoring in English or what you can do with an English degree. Find out more about required coursework in our academic catalog, or e-mail Dr. John Sykes and he’ll be happy to help.

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