An economics minor gives you an inside view.

Wingate University’s economics minor helps you see current events through a financial lens. You:

  • Study microeconomics, focusing on the effect of individuals and small companies.
  • Delve into macroeconomics, exploring the impact of world finances and international policies.
  • Learn how investments work.

You analyze the economic forces at play today, from developing countries to global corporations. You learn how economics is being used to address important human problems.

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Choose Your Focus

At Wingate University, you tailor your economics minor to your career goals. Along with required classes in micro- and macroeconomics, you choose the electives. Do you want to build your business credentials or enhance your understanding of global forces? Would you like to study the role of capitalism in American history? Focus on how banks and financial markets influence the world’s economy? You can even design an independent study that lets you pursue your own research.

If you’re majoring in accounting, finance, management or marketing, an economics minor is an especially smart choice. You can count one or two required major courses toward this minor.

Economic Opportunity

We partner with BB&T Charitable Foundation to offer the BB&T Scholar Program, which is competitively awarded to students earning a minor in economics. This scholarship lets you take an inside look into the foundations of the free enterprise system. It also gives students the opportunity to apply their skills with an internship in their major discipline.

Major Benefit

A minor in economics strengthens your major in the Porter B. Byrum School of Business. It also enhances many other bachelor’s degrees offered at Wingate University:

  • Chemistry-business majors uncover the forces behind research, product development and price.
  • English majors gain budgeting and accounting skills necessary for management-level jobs.
  • Historians can trace the influence of economics on world events.
  • Mathematicians see real-world applications of their theories.
  • Political science students analyze the effect of economics on political trends, and vice versa.

And So Much More

Watch this video by the American Economic Association to see how careers in economics can involve human behavior, social issues and even medicine. A PhD student, two professors and a Google researcher discuss how economics is about solving problems and improving people’s lives.


Our economics minors dive into research to see how economics impacts people and society as a whole. You can get a glimpse of research statistics by clicking on the links in this handy widget from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

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